Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sorry intrepid readers, I've been neglecting my postly duties. Even as I type these sentences, I ask myself "what am I writing this post about?" Unfortunately, I don't have an answer which makes this a less than stellar start to a post. Recalling a recent conversation with a friend about blogs I was told that as trivial as what is written may be, it's better than not writing at all. So, call me Mr. Trivial.

Work's going alright. I'm preparing for a conference in a week and a half. It should be good. I'm also trying to ensure that everything that needs to be done between now and then is taken care of. I'm sure it'll all be fine. In other trivial news:

Got $320M+ kicking around? Unsure how to spend it? Try this.

Wanna get really annoyed? If you're like me, you will after reading this.

Man marries bitch to beat curse. No comment. (FOLLOW-UP: That link was the exact title of the story. BBC has kindly changed it. Please don't take it as some misogynistic comment on my part.)

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