Saturday, May 10, 2008

Aloha friends.  Sad that a month has passed since I last shared something with you in this forum.  Note that I can't even claim that it was something of interest.  For those of you who have been visiting regularly in hopes of updating I apologize.  That, and maybe it's time to learn more about RSS feeds. ;)

Life has continued, as it is inclined to do (thankfully).  I welcome the arrival of spring/summer though I still find myself spending unreasonable amounts of time indoors.  I can only hope that will change, though my posts may not become any more regular as a result (I know it would be hard for them to become any less regular).

I find myself taking a bit of wisdom from here, some clarity from there.  Perhaps it's the route to happiness and wholeness but I manage to let myself just see it as indecision or indifference.  Sigh. 

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