Thursday, January 22, 2009

A new hope

Barak Obama is now the President of the United States (in case you live under a rock). His initial efforts and words have related to increasing transparency of government and doing what was promised. That is extremely heartening to me. I may not be American but I believe his approach to governing the U.S. will influence us all.

As people develop a taste for governance that serves the people, that is not explicitly partisan, that wants to remove the curtain behind so much political action takes place, people may come to expect more from their own leaders. This is an opportunity for Canada's politicians to scoop some of the hope inspired by Obama's inauguration. I also hope that if they choose to continue to obscure and fight, that we, the people, will react with the strength seen in the United States.


Aurélie said...

What you describe here reminds me of the concept of "servant leadership" which was developped by Robert (?) Greenleaf. Basically, it says that a good leader is someone who wants to serve first and then aspire to lead to serve people on a larger scale (at least this is how I understood it). I think he wrote a book called Servant Leader on the subject. You can find more on Greenleaf website or, if he's still teaching at Queen's you can interact with prof. Phelan who held a Leadership class when I was there and who was really found of this concept. If he's still teaching maybe you could escape from the office and try to assist to one of his lectures.

Anonymous said...

I love your optimism and sense of joy about Obama. I strangely feel the same, yes, the old, jaded former hippie feels the love again! So, what should I do about it?