Friday, March 05, 2010

Have AIG and Lehman Brothers irreparably harmed the human race?

I contend that yes, investment houses that were in the midst of our recent economic crash are partially responsible for the continually declining state of the human race on the planet. Of course it is never so simple as to blame individual companies or people, but I do feel that they had a part to play.

This is not part of some nefarious plan to undermine us all. Rather, their economic mis-steps help precipitate a crash which so completely shifted people's focus onto jobs and the economy that all else was effectively silenced. Investment and concern for the state of the environment full under the tires of concern for the economy. The latest proof of this is the Canadian Government's latest budget which "puts climate action on ice."

I was hopeful that the investments in stimulus would see more efforts to bring us to the forefront of environmentally improved (hard to find a fitting word - conscious?) technology. Alas, that does not seem to be the case.

And so, we continue to slide further down a hill which, by the time we decide to start trying to climb again, may be too slippery a slope to return to the top.

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