Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Less to say or less interest in saying it?

Facebook gives over 500 million of us a way to speak our minds. Does it replace blogs? No. At least not truly replace as the Facebook status update is the bite-sized relative of the full meal deal that blogs can offer. Yet, at least in my case, it has (evidenced by my distinct lack of posting over lo these many months). But Facebook doesn't allow me to be in-depth because it provides a limit to the length of status updates where I can ramble all I want here. If I check my Facebook profile, I realize that I don't update my status there. So why would I go all out for blog posts if I can't even drum up a sentence fragment? Probably guilt. That seems to be at the core of all of my most recent posts. Oh well, guilt-induced work is better than no work at all.


D. Tyner said...

Haha, Standing (with guilt) in the Hall.

Ryry said...

BUT then it did.

justin said...

Well... It's true that I haven't posted here since that day, but I haven't been pouring my heart out on Facebook. I share things, but not much. I guess I've pulled-back from sharing online, even as I've found myself using more social tools.