Wednesday, May 16, 2007

And time continues to fly. The weekend was a great opportunity to be with friends and family. It turns out Monday was the same as my dad was in town for work-related stuff. It was like the weekend extended (except for the having to work all day part).

Life is busy. Good busy. Projects at work, ultimate and being social are making life feel like it is going quickly. Thankfully it is all good. It may mean more spotty posts (as has obviously been the case recently) but you've got better things to be doing than reading my musings anyway. The warm weather is (supposed to be) coming. I wish someone would tell tonight's forecast low of 4 degrees that.

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les said...

I enjoy your musings dude. And to add to your post about your dad visiting, you were a perfect host. Hey, you were very generous and it was vunderbar to meet Carla also. Uva, uva!