Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saving the world in... er, with your underwear

My former home-town is having a most-ridiculous debate. Aurora is at odds with laundry lines. Thankfully, it appears that the municipal government is pushing the issue. If advertisers use laundry lines to make people feel all summery and clean, why are people worried about laundry messing-up their view... Of other houses? It saddens me that this needs to be an issue and that as more and more people recognize that the world is changing we still forgo small things that could have a benefit (even if it is just hanging your undies out to dry).

I apologize for having been AWOL recently. A combination of busyness and not knowing what to write made this a dull place to be. I'll try to be better. Really.

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Ryan said...

no need to apologize!!!!!!!! just live your life. this blog is a COMPLIMENT to your life... not the other way around!