Thursday, September 20, 2007

As I continue to consider people's sage advice about babies I focus more and more on a more immediate issue: moving. Just 1.5 weeks 'til I move into my new digs. Not only are they new digs but they're MY new digs. I hope and trust that home ownership will suit me well. There are many things to consider and an equally large number of things to buy.

Thankfully, I'm using my tendency to procrastinate well. Yesterday afternoon I went to the International Plowing Match taking place just less than an hour outside of Kingston. It was quite the event. Thousands of people visiting a city of vendors, campers, quilters and of course, plowers set up in fields in what could reasonably be described as: the middle of nowhere. It was a great event. I'm glad to have gone. We even saw some plowing. Having lived on farms when I was younger, it was nice to stay in touch with that side of life after living in cities and towns for such a long time. That, and they also had some tasty, tasty treats.

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