Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have let much time pass since acknowledging the thoughts that were floating in my head relating to my first experiences of hot yoga last month. I fear that the most substantial aspects have decanted leaving some nice clear (read: empty) space with all those great thoughts in the muck at the bottom of my brain.

Still, I do recall that much of my inspiration related to self. Self-awareness and consciousness of self (not to be confused with self-consciousness) were highs of the experience as I live a life full of distractions. Hot yoga saw me concentrating (almost) solely on my body and the pose. This was very refreshing, despite the 40-degree heat.

Though I haven't continued yoga in the past few weeks, I will continue the journey of self both literally and figuratively. In 9 days, I will be flying to Bhutan to spend 4-5 weeks learning, living and experiencing. This will encompass new cultural and physical experiences while including many opportunities for self-reflection. One of the things I look forward to most is the change in distractions. I hope to use my time to capture my thoughts and experiences across various media. If you know me, you know that photography will be a big part of that, but not the only thing. I look forward to writing more and think this experience will allow me to explore aspects of myself while I explore aspects of Bhutan and it's people.

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Jim said...

Wow. What a fantastic idea. Have a great trip, Justin!