Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have my permits! I am well-chuffed about getting a chance to explore some more of Bhutan. :) As if it weren't exciting enough, I'll be travelling with a Bhutanese man who is both a licenced guide and photographer. He's published books of his photographs and most of the postcards I've sent have images that he took. I think it will be an enjoyable adventure (and one that comes just in time as I'll need to head to Paro shortly after returning). Paro is where the airport is and home to a number of other interesting sites which I'd like to see before leaving. It won't be all that long before I'm on a plane, and that means Canada doesn't follow long-after.


D. Tyner said...

Sounds like you are having an excellent trip. We should have a flickr meetup where you present your
photos from the trip. All is well here, I started another blog too:

Anonymous said...


Im planning to go to Bhutan in summer. I found your blog on Google search. How's your tour guide Ugyen Wangchuk? You said he's a photographer. That means he should know where to bring for beautiful photos or even some advices for you, right?

Could you send me more info about your trip and your experience with this guide??

Sorry! I dont know where I could send you a private msg with my email address.

justin said...

Since I was already in Bhutan, my connection with Punap as a guide was unlike how it would happen for most. Usually you'd choose your guide/company and they would take care of setting up all the details for your travels. Because I had met him before we ended up traveling as friends. He definitely knew good places to go for both the experience and for photography. His company is Gomo Adventures:

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'll send him email.

Harper Cosper said...

How was that fantastic trip to Bhutan? I haven't been to any Asian countries yet. But I've heard that this place is wonderful, especially if you want to go on an adventure. Do you have photos from your previous trip? Hope you could show us some... =)