Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Thimpu and beyond

Apologies for any delays in writing but I am not physically connected to a computer here as I am at home. Shock of shocks, I went a couple of days without getting online!

I am writing from an artist's studio. I met one of the artists when I arrived as he helped friends find me a place to live. He and some of his fellow artists and I chatted about Bhutan, Canada and all sorts of things. Though I'm not an artist in the way they are, I have a genuine interest in the range of both fine art and commercial work that they do so that alone has been interesting (saying nothing for the conversation - which was also very interesting).

I'm planning to do some travel to other parts of the country as I've remained in Thimpu, the capital, since my arrival. I may join a couple of Canadians for some travel early next week or I may strike out on my own. In any case, I look forward to doing it in a way that helps me not just see more of Bhutan but to experience more of Bhutan.

I've met a wide range of people already and it's given me a number of insights into Bhutan that I would otherwise never have had. I have plenty more to learn (of course - since that is always the case, no matter where I am) and am looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.

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Anonymous said...

I love the energy in your comment! Sounds like you are in the right space to do what you went there to do. I salute you!