Friday, January 29, 2010

So, the iPad, eh? Well, it remains to be seen how well it does in the market but I think it's a start. Hell, rumours about what will actually be included when it is released to the public, or at least in a future iteration are already eclipsing the details that were announced.

It may not be the world-changing tool that they were hoping for, but I think it stands a chance. That is especially true if more media providers that used to produce magazines and newspapers choose to pursue this type of platform to invigorate and more effectively capture the market that they have lost to the web. If they sit back and leave their websites as is, change will roll over them. I feel like they're best chance is to design content suited to the go anywhere, always-connected tools like the iPad. That, and their own applications will be much more like having a subscription than visiting their website in the infinite internet. If that happens, then the iPad may just be the game-changer Apple was looking for.

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