Sunday, January 29, 2006


It wasn't too long ago that I was in Mexico. Enjoying the beautiful surrounds of El Copal and the heaviest weight on my mind being: "Will Jamie catch this disc?"

Maybe that thought will weigh on your mind too.

Now, I'm back in Ontario with snow and wind and a new Conservative government. Some might consider that the two far ends of the continuum. While I'm not going to act like they are close neighbours I still believe that dreams and goals need not be controlled by the context in which we find ourselves (even if they are products of that context). Is my life any different now that Stephen Harper is going to be Prime Minister (shudder)? While anything is possible, the only change is an internal one. One that finds me steeling myself for a potential onslaught of conservative thinking in our political decision-making structure. So far, I'm the only one making the changes. Is that doing me any favours? Probably not, because I am changing based on someone else. If we create our dreams and strive for them for ourselves then we can consider our context merely the wrapping, and not the content, or the barometer by which we measure success. I feel like any goal, however large, must be seeded internally and if there is any truth to that then we must look to ourselves when determining success and not those around us.


Michelle said...

As I prepare a tutorial on historical idealism/materialism, I am struck by your idealist perception of historical change - way to go. Optomism and human agency is where its at!

Fantastic picture!

:) Michelle

les said...

Always good to remind ourselves that we are at the centre of our worlds and are its creator