Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy 2006 everyone! I can only hope that we all manage to make the most of 2006 (whatever that may mean to each of us). The start of a new year is an intersting time. Though only another day on the calendar, it seems stuffed with possiblility. For anything that we're not entirely happy with, it's a chance to "wipe the slate clean". Everyone likes fresh starts and we all deserve them. I don't think we need to have a new year for that but if it helps, why not?

As you may know, I have a Flickr account. Not only is it a place to post photos online but it is also a community. There are a near infinite number of "pools" covering almost every imaginible subject. Well, a photographer in Quebec who is very active in flickr started the (00:00:01)/01/01/2006/FirstPix pool. The idea was that everyone would post their first picture of 2006 and since digital cameras keep track of exactly when the photo is taken the closer to midnight + one second, the better. Well, the below photo is at exactly midnight + one second (according to my camera). It is not my best picture of 2006 (as it's only the first day) but it is the first picture. Enjoy.

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Queen of Useless Trivia said...

Odd New Years fact: Japanese New Year celebrations include a Night of Forgetting, where you drink away any bad events from the last year.

Um, then again, I've been to some NY parties like that...
Happy New Year