Monday, April 09, 2007

Always Improving

Discussion over dinner touched on any range of subjects, though our un-ending search for new ways to improve ourselves and our lives came up and technology was at the heart of it. It wasn't automatically agreed that technology is the solution to the world's ills. Perhaps it could be if human nature didn't keep getting in the way. Well, the never-ending march for improvement continues but it is comforting to know that concious decisions can be made and allowances can be made for the way we have lived our lives and the way we want to continue to do so. This article highlights decisions made in certain areas of China to tie employment success with continued care for parents and other members of the family. It seems that "filial piety" isn't going to fall completely by the wayside in the face of economic development. I think that our government coddles us just a little too much. I don't think they're willing to actively promote more socially or environmentally sustainable activities in a genuine manner. Just imagine, dropping a tax bracket for planting trees. What would you like to see the government mandate to improve our lot?

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