Wednesday, April 04, 2007

As many of us lick our lips, not so much at the prospect of a delicious Easter meal but rather at the prospect of a long weekend, I can't help but think of the fouforah (I've always used that word but never typed it... imagine bally-hoo but with more "f's"), that came of a Canadian-born artist attempting to display a chocolate likeness of Jesus at a gallery in New York this week. I'm not going to tell the faithful how to feel but I have to give the artist credit for bringing together the two most recognized symbols of Easter: chocolate and Jesus. I have trouble believing that any of those who put up such a vehement protest to it's display aren't going to go home and give their kids chocolate bunnies and eggs on Easter weekend. Well, whether you're faithful to religion or chocolate (or whether your religion IS chocolate), I hope you have a great weekend ahead.

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