Sunday, April 08, 2007

Chocolate Weekend

Mmmm, Easter (and all it's tasty chocolate treats). Not being particularly religious, holidays are more a chance for me to get together with family than to consider my beliefs. Then again, usually discussions with my family bring out my beliefs, just not necessarily religious ones. I've been the "straight and narrow" to my parents conspiracy theories in the past. I then become the conspiracy theorist in other social circumstances. It's all relative. It's always good to have heart-felt conversations. More to the point, it's good to have a heart-felt life. For us as a family, that can often involve some real sillyness. You should have seen our dinner last night. Without getting into detail, I'll just say that it was totally friendly and fun but I don't think any children's network would want to broadcast it (even if some of the humour was pretty childish). I am amazed at how much fun we can have together, and saddened when I know that's not necessarily the case for others around me. Postsecret reminded me of such walls between people in a rather odd way through the following postcard:

My family's sense of humour aside, it is impossible for me to imagine. I hope that your holiday has been more about fun (and chocolate), and less about secrets and barriers.

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les said...

Walls and barriers between people are very present. As much as I would like to see barriers down with other poople, I know that I can't push the river. I must wait for the right time and situation to see change occur, if it does. I am so lucky that I have such openness and warmth and humour in my family and by the way, people know that I fart!!