Saturday, June 09, 2007

Remember me?

It's been another long dry-spell where you may have come looking for Justin's perspective on those things around him but found nothing new. Well, finally I come to you with something new.

This week, the Globe and Mail newspaper had an article entitled: Welcome to Green U. It highlighted the interest in environmentally-themed employment and how universities are developing programs to suit that interest. That, is fine by me. What isn't fine, is the response of some parents. It appears that the "income model" is at the heart of it all and that maybe everyone should be growing up to be lawyers or doctors (no disrepsect meant to any lawyers or doctors reading my missive).

I feel as though the changes that are happening around us are going to necessitate the future revolving around an environmental conciousness. Businesses who disregard their influence on the environment will do so at their own peril. As such, employees will be dedicated to efforts to ameliorate their influence (even the lawyers and doctors).

Why is it that ostensibly-successful parents cannot have the vision of their kids? Why do they have to undermine their children's goals by blaming it on their unbridled optimisim? I hope that the necessary support will be there for those whose optimisim drives them to opportunities to save us all, rather than just save money.

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