Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas with the family is over, but the holiday continues. I'm sure you can understand my lack of activity here since my brother and I already got enough grief for spending time online over the holiday. Nothing too bad, mind you.

It was wonderful to be together with family and to visit with friends around home. Though I was only gone for a week, I almost forgot what K-town looked like. ;)

I managed to join the shopping hordes on Boxing day. I found myself at a store at 6am on the 26th. If that isn't scary enough, then hearing that some people showed up 6 HOURS EARLIER! That is a little bit much for me. Still, it was good to give it all a try.

Since it's me, I'm happy about my purchases but can't help but be a little uncomfortable with my consumption. I have difficulty with the imbalances in the world, but then I contribute to them. It is a difficulty inconsistency for me to swallow. Yet, I manage to put it out of my mind when necessary. I feel as though that makes me, if not a bad person, then at least not as good a person as I would like. I know that it isn't a helpful perspective for my own personal well-being so I have to watch out. I guess acceptance tempered with an on-going consciousness will have to suffice.

I hope that you enjoyed any holiday time that you might've had and that you have a great year ahead. :)

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Heather of the West said...

I find it helps to think of myself, and the world, as an imperfect work in progress. If you were perfect, you would have no room to grow. So try hard, but be merciful.