Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here comes the silly

After grapling with whether to be silly or smart in my last post I have returned to my silly ways. Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch gave awards for the most obvious warning labels in their Wacky Warning Label Contest.

This year's winner (on a tractor) "Danger: Avoid Death."

Another winner (on an iron-on transfer for t-shirts) "Do not iron while wearing shirt."

It highlights the stupidity of a legal system that encourages such over-the-top messaging, but it's funny too. :)

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Phil said...

I once bought a plant that said: "This plant is not meant to be consumed" or some such thing. I basically think these things exist because of lawsuits. Basically, at some point, some idiot ate his plant and got sick and sued the plant company and therefore they now have to BOLDLY DISCLAIM that it is not to be eaten.