Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Silly or Smart?

No, I'm not trying to better understand my most influential character traits (we all know the former is much more applicable than the latter). Rather, it was my decision about what to post. I know, I know. I go so long without posting and then I have two possible posts at the same time. It's CRAZY. Not really, but I'm trying to add a little zest. ANYWAY...

I have chosen to stick to the "smart" theme and share with you a site that was brought to my attention through the wonders of Facebook and a fellow former Trentite. The site is The Story of Stuff. Through the effective use of video and low-fi animation, the creators effectively break-down our system of production and consumption into an easily-digestible 20 minute show. In less than the time it takes to watch a sitcom (and likely a silly one at that), you can consider yourself informed about aspects of our consumer lifestyle that may be new to you. Quite timely considering the season, I would say. Enjoy!

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