Saturday, August 30, 2008


Maybe I should live in New Zealand. It turns out I might be in pretty good company. I know New Zealand is great and running off and doing something new is certainly appealing, but this is actually more about a name. I was reading about a World Names Profiler this morning and thought I'd pop in my surname and see what it had to say. Well, it turns out that my surname comes up more than a 1000 times for every million people in NZ. That's more than any other country (if Scotland is considered part of Great Britain). Scotland itself has the largest concentrations of Kerrs, according to their research, which comes as no surprise considering the heritage of the name. But if Scotland isn't my speed, numerous regions of NZ follow closely, with Australia not far behind. No wonder I felt so comfortable when I visited those parts of the world.

Interestingly, Antrim in Northern Ireland is the city with the largest concentration, followed by some Scottish cities and then Bartlesville, Oklahoma of all places. Maybe a road trip is in order.


Aurélie said...

A road trip is a brilliant idea! And you could tak pictures of Kerrs all around the globe (like this guy who filmed himself dancing with people from all parts of the world).
It's a nice heritage you have, you should definitely go for it.

Anonymous said...

Can I come on this road trip?

justin said...

Anonymous road trip company. Hmmm. I'd usually want to know a little bit more before such an invite. Especially if it's going to involve finding Kerrs around the world. :)