Sunday, February 05, 2006

The end of an era

Today may be the end of an era. That means, of course, that tomorrow would be the start of another. "The era?" you ask. The era of free cable television. I had almost forgotten the first 18 months I spent here in Kingston with only two channels. I managed ok. Hell, I didn't even have the internet. For those of you, like my grandmother, who might be concerned that I have been doing something naughty like climbing utility posts and running a cable to my apartment needn't worry. The cable just happened to work when I connected it upon my arrival here. When I got back from Mexico there was a message from the cable guy telling me to call ASAP. In case you're wondering, I didn't call. No need to hurry the process. Friday saw a note in my mailbox telling me I had 48 hours before cut-off. Sure, they tried to sell me on cheap "installation" (it already seems installed to me) but the truth is: I am a victim of my television. A willing victim, yes. But the fact is that I waste way too much time on my couch in front of my tv. It's not something I'm happy about and for that reason, I'll be happy to see the cable go. I should still be able to pick up CBC which means I won't miss the Olympics. The one bummer is that I'll miss the cliffhanger of Grey's Anatomy from tonight. The good thing is, I'll have more time to read and work on my photos (yes, I know I always had the time but chose how to use it poorly).
And by the way, I did do my dishes.

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Nic said...

did you get to see Grey's Anatomy?? sooo good!