Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm a simple boy

I love being reminded of the beauty and wonder that exists in everyday life. All too often I find myself trying to think "big picture". While that can be a good thing and has a beauty of its own, it often means overlooking the simple things. Today, I walked under a flock of pigeons as they turned and wheeled in the sky (no they didn't do anything else while I was underneath them). I saw a simple beauty that brought a smile to my face. At that moment, based on the "big picture", I knew that my ability to appreciate that beauty was because of the context of my life. I feel good enough about things in my life that I can focus on that simple beauty instead of mulling the challenges I might be facing. For that, I am lucky. For those times that I'm not in the headspace to see or appreciate that beauty I can count on the photography of my friend Amy Allcock to remind me of the wonders that exist around the corner or between our feet. For that I am thankful. I work hard to remind myself of the wonders of the world around us. Some times I have to work harder than others. In fact, and probably not surprisingly, I have to work hardest at the times when I need to remember the most. There are cases when the reminder is a useful counterpoint to my awareness of the challenges and tragedies our world faces. The greatest challenge, I think, is to understand that the beauty and tragedy exist together. In fact, one can't exist without the other but to focus on one or the other and ignore its "sister" does no one any favours. Ok, let's be fair, focussing on one at a time is fine (nobody needs to rain on their own parade in the middle of the marching band) but to ignore one or the other leaves a hole. As for this moment, here's what I consider to be a bit of simple beauty. Don't think about Wal-Mart. Don't.

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