Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Take a long walk

This evening I attended A Million Steps: Stories, Images and Music from the Camino Santiago, a photo exhibit of Peter Coffan's pilgrimage along Camino de Santiago de Compostela. What an adventure. Peter, his wife and two of their friends walked a total of about 1000kms over the course of two months in 2004. Not only is he an extremely talented photographer (as evidenced by the fact it was a photo exhibit), but he is also an accomplished writer and storyteller who involved me and many others in the packed room in their adventure.

It puts a fine point on the wonders of the world and the benefits of not always looking at the "big picture". It also adds to the ever-growing desire to get out and experience some of the opportunities that the world holds. So much to do.

I haven't forgotten how lucky I have been to explore and travel as I have. This picture from Santa Maria de Huatulco in Mexico is a reference to that fact.


Amy Allcock said...

The presentation also left me inspired and itching to get away. I've always been drawn to the idea of doing a pilgrimage and spent a few hours last night browsing Sacred Destinations in search of my next adventure.

justin said...

Sacred Destinations is a very interesting resource. I have found myself considering what the draw to sacred locations is considering my professed non-religousness (or is it -iosity?). Either way, there are remarkable things in this world to see and experience. Soon.