Monday, July 10, 2006


I find it patently impossible to believe that you have access to the internet to read this but don't already know that Italy won the World Cup. Working from that definitive, it is at least possible that you don't know that the retiring captain of the French side, Zinedene Zidane, head-butted an Italian player in the chest and was sent off in his last international game. What a shame. I wanted France to win because I wanted him to go out on top. The trusty fairytale ending, but sweatier and with soccer balls. Once he was out, I couldn't bring myself to care quite so much. I don't think there is any real justification for what happened but I cannot believe that he would do that without some provocation. Again, that is not an excuse but what on earth could have been said for him to react that way?! I've heard rumours that he was called a "terrorist". Again, no matter what is said on the field it cannot warrant such a response. But, if true, what has sport come to? Where is "Fair Play", the motto by which FIFA (who runs the World Cup) operates? Really, it is just a damn shame.

All that being said, I have previously mused about how our energy would be much better spent in many areas that are not related to sport. Now that the tournament is over, we can go back to focussing ourselves on truly pressing matters. There are plenty of them out there. Take your pick.

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