Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Most of you probably know that Saturday, July 1 was Canada Day. I spent the day in Ottawa. Just like with Pride Weekend in Toronto, everyone should experience it. Canada Day in downtown Ottawa is worth experiencing, especially during the day, before the drunkeness takes over. Just be prepared for more red and white and less three-way kissing (at Canada Day, that is).

For those of you who thought you were really smart knowing that July 1 was Canada Day, I bet you don't know what Sweden's National Day is. I didn't even know until this year, and I still managed to get it wrong (damn multi-cultural calendar!). From now on you will know that June 6 is Sweden's National Day. Go on, impress your Swedish friends, or at least eat some Swedish Berries. Mmmmm, Swedish Berries.

Speaking of National Holidays, today, July 4, is Independance Day in the US and if you want to celebrate with the Soca Warriors, Trinidad & Tobago celebrate their Independance Day on August 31.

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