Thursday, July 13, 2006


I don't know about where you are but summer here in Kingston is a fine thing. The weather has been nice. Warm, but not unbearable. Sunny but not drying us out. And having water down the street, an entire Great Lake at that, is not too bad. I even had my first drive on the 1000 Islands Parkway tonight (east of Kingston along the St. Lawrence River for those of you who are wondering what it is I'm talking about). Gotta love a nice road along the water. Made even better by the fact that it has a paved trail along beside it for 50 something kms. It almost makes me want to live in Gananoque or Brockville. Emphasis on the almost. Even there though, summer is good.

This weekend is the 18th annual Kingston Buskers Rendezvous. I'm glad it's a "Rendezvous". That's much better than a conference, get-together, or even a festival. My camera will be keeping me company this weekend. Did I mention I enjoy summer?

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les said...

Sounds like a beautiful time in old Kingston town... Buskers are fun and that walk and drive along the river beckons to me, but,,,ah I will have to wait a wee time before that trip along the hypnotic blue azure trail that you so beautifully describe... Ah summer!