Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bubble baths and long walks on the beach...

Ok, the title isn't directly indicative of the content but I have justification. I swear.

Anyway, just like my "obligatory introduction" I thought I should probably give a bit of a frame of who I am or at least what I'm interested in. It also comes from the last post's discussion of photos. I want to link photos from my flickr account before I add new ones and they disappear forever. It just so happens that today's photo is of a couple of friends partaking in an activity that I quite enjoy. No, they are not bathing in bubbles or taking a long walk on the beach. In fact, they're playing ultimate.

I would hate to lose that look of awe as the disc floats away. :) See Kingston Ultimate's website for more on how to join these superstars.

When I was travelling in S.E. Asia, New Zealand, Australia and France in 2003 I started a "Strange Sight/Remark For The Day" or SS/RFTD. I think I might resume that with the understanding that I may just use it to post photos before they float into flickr purgatory. Who knows though, an interesting remark/witty commentary/retort may appear along with.

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