Thursday, November 17, 2005

Obligatory Introduction

Hey all,

As someone who reads a few different blogs when I get the chance I have always marvelled that people have (in some cases) so much to write. Perhaps I would if I put my mind to it. While I can't guarantee that, I thought if nothing else, it would be a new way to keep my friends up-to-date on my going's on. I figure that along with my flickr account I should be able to keep a little of interest from my life on the web at any one time. I also have friends to thank as some have recently started their own (enough to make me figure "why not?").

As for the title, I'll explain it another time.

Now I should be adding some content so I can invite people to check it out but dinner is making strange noises in the kitchen and I have some work to do.

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