Saturday, November 19, 2005

How good is free?

Ah, what a combination, free technology. Specifically, well... this blog and flickr.

As far as the blog goes, I'm way too fresh in the field to know the limitations provided with blogger. Who knows? It may be all I've ever hoped for and more. That is, of course, assuming that I've hoped for a free blog. If you made that assumption you'd be making an ass out of... well, you likely understand. I've never felt that I had anything to say that would warrant a blog. I still don't know if I do but here I am.

This is more about flickr. In case you aren't familiar, it is many things to many people (more on that later) but structurally is a way of posting photos to the web. Free accounts offer both a limited upload capacity per month and a limit of 200 photos which are accessible at any one time. That is where we offer the magical melding of these two services. As flickr doesn't actually delete any photos over your 200 photo limit (it just makes them inaccessible) you can have them linked in your blog and they will never dissappear. That is why you will see below, a picture I took in the Empress Hotel in Victoria on a recent trip.

Purty, eh? I think so. If it has worked then it may be the start of a long an beautiful friendship between this blog and my flickr account. As for flickr accounts, I have used mine mainly to post pictures that I thought other people would want to see (friend's wedding pics, ultimate tourney pics, etc.) I'm lucky enough to have friends who recognize that it can be a community building tool and and outlet of artistic expression. It has inspired me to reapproach both my photography and what I post. I guess that's where that specific photo comes from. Hopefully, that also marks the start of a long and (increasingly) beautiful friendship between me and my camera.


Anonymous said...

what a horrible everything!!! SNIDE SNIDE SNIDE SNIDE

Nic said...

so far so good....keep posting :)