Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lessons anyone?

Frustratingly, it has been a common subject on here of late but I'm happy to offer any of you procrastination lessons if you're interested. I am disturbingly good at it. I would like to be asleep right now but I have told myself that I will finish my assignment tonight. That means no sleep 'til Brooklyn.

While work is by no means solely 8:30 to 4:30 I have gotten used to "leaving work at work", for the most part. This course is very much related to my work and as such makes me feel like I leave work for... work. That is definitely part of the challenge. Thankfully, the content is interesting and exciting in the face of the university looking at developing a new strategic plan. Who knew, academic learning that might be practically applicable. ;)

Here's another snap from Arianne and Dave's wedding.

P.S. I started another blog to specifically post photos on (though I doubt I'll stop posting them here). It's all part of learning about how to use technology to my advantage rathern than have it be my enemy. It's called Photos from the Hall.


Nic said...

Maybe you should stay an hour or two (or however long you need) at work to work on school work. :) That way, when you go home, you're still leaving work at work.

justin said...

You're right there Nic, but if I stay there I feel like I should still be doing work. And you don't want to know how late I ended up working on that assignment. Still, good advice.