Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ernesto, Ernesto, go away!

Amazing how much energy we put into controlling things that are out of our control. I, for example, am trying to personally will a Tropical Storm to go away (or at least slow down). As Ernesto hits the Carolinas, I find myself hoping that it at least waits until Saturday night or Sunday to arrive here. Sure, it would be great if it didn't come this way at all as I'm sure everyone has great outdoor long-weekend plans but if it's going to it could at least skip Saturday. With a trip for as many as 120 people planned to a park with no rain protection it would be nice to avoid. I'm sure the same energy goes into avoiding rain on your wedding day. Ironic? No.

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les said...

Oh, Ernesto!! Hello you great big, wet guy you... He's here and I'm cosying up with a good book. Sounds like a good call for Kingstonites too!! If you are outside, show the new foreign students how Canadians can dodge raindrops... It is good practice for Ultimate..