Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Sure, most things I/we may stress about generally come and go proving that the stress wasn't necessarily worthwhile. Not to say that stress doesn't work as a motivator for some. I wish it was a better motivator for me. Whatever it is for me, I'm feeling it.


les said...

Drink water and breathe deeply. Give thanks for your ability to do both of those and give thanks for the many other things and people in your world that bless you. You are sooooo valuable in this world.

Michelle said...

And remember ... even orientation week passes! :) Have Fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey dude-
This too will pass.

Chin up!

silverlined said...

Stressed? don't be stressed. It's totally overrated. See I knew I should have left the Gato Negro. You make fun of it, but where is it when you really need it?
Under my desk that's where