Monday, August 21, 2006


How busy are beavers? Really. Do they have to respond to e-mails? Make phone calls? Besides the "Bell Beavers" I don't see them doing much multi-tasking.

Clearly I have reached a new low. ;) I am comparing myself to a rodent and being proud of coming out on the winning end. I'll admit that they are industrious. And their tales are oh, so tasty. For those who think I am some sick man dining on a Canadian Icon check this out. Even International Trade Canada supports me in my fondness for the tasty, tasty doughy treat. Yes, dough. Not beaver. Flat, like a beaver tail. Sweet, like something sweet. Mmmm. Check out the article. First Disney World, then the Real World.

Oh yes, the reason I posted this meandering rant, things are very busy at work. Apologies if I'm not on top of my posting. I'll come back, I swear.


William said...

You can eat beaver "tales"? Sweet! Is it like the loaves and the fishes - a beaver tells a story and then no one's hungry any more? How does that work?

justin said...

What if a beaver tells a story and nobody listens? Are they still full?