Saturday, August 26, 2006

Balance is Restored

The universe is a remarkable place. Sure, no matter how many silly things we do, the planets (and dwarf planets) seem to continue revolving around the inumerable stars out there but that's not what I'm talking about. Rather it is the balance that the universe seeks and always seems to find. We're not talking about "The Force" here or Yin and Yang. In this case, I have "A" to thank for drawing my attention to this, and in doing so, helping restore the balance. It turns out that within days of learning that I had lost Pluto, I gained the Pluot. A relatively recent genetic creation (eeek!). The joys of the apricot and juicyness of a plum are now one. As creeped-out as I may be at the genetic engineering that created this little bundle of... well, something, it is hard to go wrong when there are varieties named: "Flavor Grenade", "Dapple Dandy" and the ever-popular "Flavorosa".

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