Friday, September 08, 2006

Fill Yer' Brain!

Sure there's more information out there than any of us can handle. Sure I have trouble handling the information I am already exposed to (ie. I looked for my keys yesterday on my, admitedly messy, desk while actually holding them in my mouth). Still, I do enjoy learning new (and often useless) things. Here's a new way: Set your homepage to It will bring up a random page (thus the Randompage bit) from Wikipedia which has become my source of all sorts of information. I acknowledge that it's not perfect. When anyone and their dog can submit changes to an article there's the possibility for abuse. Still, I'm inclined to think more of the web-going public. I've already learned about rapper-sweated jeans, a character on a cheesy tv show and a pint-sized british rocket. What might you find? Go ahead, edumacate yourself.

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