Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More Scurvy Stuff

BTW (By the way for the less acronym-savvy), in case you've been having difficulty coming up with something suitably piratey to say today there is an english-to-pirate translator to assist you.

Today has been a long and tiring day. I enjoyed it, but am ready for a rest (and some dinner). I'm also looking forward to a day where I can hang out with friends at 4:30 rather than work 'til 9:00.

Now read it in pirate: Today be a long an' tirin' tide. I enjoyed 't, but be ready fer a rest (an' some dinner). I be also lookin' fore t' a tide 'ere I can hang ou' wi' shipmates at 4:30 rather than work `til 9:00.



Nic said...

I saw a man in a school today who looked like you! (in 20ish years) Freaked me out! Same hair (only grayer), smile, etc. Weeeeird.

justin said...

Was he just some creepy guy wandering around the school or did he actually work there? I'm kinda hoping it was the latter 'cause I don't want you the think that I'm becoming some lecherous goon (or at least more than I already am).

Anonymous said...

Take care o' yersef Justin! Make sure ye drink a wee good drinks an' get some good sleep this weekend!
Ya horn swogglin' scurvy dog!