Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I know that I do, well... Stuff. Things to be proud of. Things not to be proud of. One thing I don't do, is ride 8000kms from the capital of Mongolia, Ulan Bator, to Calcutta, India on my bicycle. Thanks to the Banff Mountain Film Festival for reminding me that these opportunities are out there and some people take advantage of them.


kendra said...

Oh man, I hope that film is part of the series we get to see!!! I love those kinds of films.

Did you see the one a few years ago about the guy who crossed Australia by foot? What an amazing film.

justin said...

Looking at the award winners there were quite a few that we didn't get to see. Too bad because they look great. Still, that was quite the ride and quite the film. So too was Alone Across Australia. The lengths people go to. ;) Pun intended.

kendra said...

I just heard on CBC that they will be showing the same film. The host (our local Apine Club of Canada chapter) was speaking about the films they're going to show this year. Looking super forward to this! YAY!