Friday, January 05, 2007

Leave it to... UPDATED

- Vanity Fair to tell me that Russians drink, on average, 4 GALLONS of vodka per year.

- The Globe and Mail to tell me that Algeria is Canada's largest trading partner in Africa and the Middle East.

- Columnist Dave Barry to tell me that the United States has a "strategic helium reserve" in case they ever have a sudden need for a fleet of dirigibles.

- The Cornwall Standard Freeholder to tell me that the average income of the 100 top-paid Canadian corporate executives by 6pm on January 2nd is $70,000.

- My mother to tell me I'm cool, and my brother to kindly echo the sentiment in the comments.

- TV to tell me that I'm not cool.

- Me to tell me that this is silly (and the internet can be bad for your brain).


Ryan said...

your brother thinks you're cool to.

Ryan said...


esteve said...

I don't know if you are cool or not... but the post is cool! :)

The russians drink so much...

David Tyner said...

Some people like an apple a day and if your are Russian you like 1.4 oz of vodka a day.

David Tyner said...

Like Ryan I will now correct my post,

"you are"