Thursday, January 11, 2007

Slow Down You Move Too Fast,...

... You gotta make the morning last!

You might be feelin' groovy but that doesn't mean that things aren't flying by at a pace that you can't sustain (or just don't want to). Enter International Slow Down Week (January 14-20, 2007):

For one week, instead of running to catch the bus or zipping in and out of traffic, try walking to work. Instead of grabbing take-out on the way home, cook a meal with your family. Leave the TV and computer off, and play an old-fashioned board game, or just sit and catch up with family and friends. If possible, take a day off work -- and then while it away with a long walk and an afternoon nap.

Thanks to Adbusters for the reminder. I don't know if slow is necessarily the answer for me. Not to devalue the Slow Food, Slow Cities, Slow E-mail or Slow Sex Movements (Find more about these in Carl Honoré's In Praise of Slow(ness), or at the book's website and blog. By the way, the (ness) is for the American market. I feel like the important part is being deliberate, whatever your speed. I could use a good dose of deliberate in many aspects of my life at the moment. Maybe this, along with Goethe's Commitment will be a useful inspiration.

The question is: Do I deliberately stop clickity-clicking and head for bed, or do I rush out to by the book?

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William said...

You order the book online, and then wait... and wait... and wait... for your mail carrier to finish it before delivering it. After all, since you bought the book you probably don't mind :-)