Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Nut v. McDonalds

Prepare yourself of a tale of woe. Jimmy, our plucky, though sometimes odd hero taking on the mega-corporation... Wait! Wait! Wait!

Wrong story, this story is about the Brazil Nut and the Brazilian economy. It is not in competition with a clown-faced corporate foe (and for all I know, Raunchy Ron's doesn't even use meat from that region anymore, though they probably do). Rather, it is the cutting of the Brazilian rainforests for ranching purposes that is endangering the Brazil Nut. This little nut, that goes around minding it's own business, could serve as a financial opportunity for many rural communities and a way to inspire protection rather than destruction of the rainforest. I must admit, I learned lots from that article. That's me, always learning. Bettering myself for the benefit of the world around me... Oh wait, that's not it... Procrastinating. Now that's a better description. Still, did you know that there are trace amounts of a carcinogenic toxin on the shells of Brazil Nuts? I sure didn't. Still, I'm not going to let it keep me from nuts that could be a key to a sustainable source of revenue in the Amazon Basin. Maybe it's all a ploy by the cattle-lobby. ;) More nuts, less meat.


kendra said...

Mmmmmmmmmm, Brazil nuts...


Trivia Queen Duff said...

Carcinogenic coating? Weird; my friend's dad takes them to help prevent prostate cancer. Actually that combo seems strangely logical.