Monday, January 15, 2007

There you go. I've managed to get around to completing the tagging/labeling of all 206 posts. It was a bit of an interesting trip down memory lane. As a reader it would have it's own meaning. Having written it, there are the other parts, the background that returns. As much as I've said, you would have a hard time figuring out certain details of my life based on what I have written. That is the part that lets me be the mysterious of tall, dark and mysterious (was that supposed to be handsome?). Uh oh, I guess that means it makes me the mysterious of mysterious stranger (we all know I've got the stranger part down). I've got enough foibles (some coming to the fore) that I don't want to appear silly. I guess there's always more to anyone and I want to make sure that, good or bad, people around me know that.

I must admit, I'm somewhat embarassed at how many posts I labeled with "me". Then again, what is a blog besides a little useless navel-gazing? Thankfully, I've had plenty else. Lots of musings and plenty of links (I do like those links). I will declare my biases: based on my writing, every post could've probably had a "silly" label. Instead, I chose only to give those that stood-out that treatment.

Here's the breakdown so far:

factoids (23)
holiday (20)
links (92)
me (85)
musings (68)
photos (53)
quotes (5)
silly (30)
video (4)

P.S. Here's another post to add to the "me" pile. Sheesh! When will I get over myself? ;)


Michelle said...

Congratulations on your tech milestone. Tagging, labelling and categorizing are all very geeky things. But you don't know you are weird until "teeth" get their own category.

206 posts? and Me only at 183 or so? I need to do some catching up! :)

justin said...

Geeky, yes. Weird, yes (even if I don't give teeth their own category). As for the number of posts, I'll give you at least a two-for-one deal as your posts are always well thought out. Mine, not so much. I write what I'm thinking about at the moment and post it. I likely repeat myself and generally make a fool. You. No fool. :)

Nic said...

Was tagging as fun as you were selling it?

justin said...

Fun? Maybe not, but definitely an interesting trip. I think I'll appreciate it as much as others who read regularly as I'll be able to focus on specific things.

You should try. It'll be a blast! ;)