Friday, March 10, 2006

Fun with Photos

Click on the photo to see a larger version. It's kinda hard to see what I want you to see with this small version.

For those of you hoping I've taken to model building to while away the hours and to fill the extra space in my apartment, I am about to disappoint. The photo started as an image of Mexico City (or D.F.) taken as I came in for a landing en route home. Before I had a digital camera, I told myself (and anyone silly enough to listen) that having one and a computer would be like having my own darkroom. Well, it's even better than that. I can waste hours and hours doing silly things like making a regular picture look like a picture of a model. I don't know if it's believable but it goes to show the amazing things you can do with images and the effect those changes can have. If I can change what you think about the image in a matter of minutes, what can someone who actually knows what they're doing achieve?


Michelle said...

Have you seen this page? Geek that I am (and frequenter of the popular list) the turorial above was stored in my memory as "useless knowledge.

I think yours is more believeable - well done! Just think of all the fin I'll have when I have a digitical camera all my own!

michelle said...

Evidently not as web-savvy as I thought - here's the link.

justin said...


That is exactly where I learned the technique. I was good enough to link to it from my flickr site but didn't bother in this case. I was reading his blog and he went from maybe 100 hits a day to about 10000. I guess every idea has it's time and this is the time for fake miniatures. :)

justin said...

P.S. You'll come up with plenty of good stuff when you get yourself a camera. I have NO doubt of that