Saturday, March 04, 2006

Keeping up with the Ryans

If my brother can write a soul-baring post at about 3 am local time I should damn well be able to get something down before midnight after having left my loyal fans ;) waiting for something like a week. Granted, that doesn't mean your going to get anything quite so good out of me.

Apologies for my apparent laziness. It has only involved a measure of laziness along with a sou├žon of business. But I'm here now. What have I got to say? I have been reminded this week, from within and without, that I may not be at exactly the point in life that I had imagined. When did I imagine this? Who knows? Is there a point (in life), to "get to"? I don't think it is quite that simple. Perhaps it is just that feeling of certain aspects either lacking or not getting the attention that they deserve. And with that musing, I will consider it closely with the advice of my pillow and leave you to pay the ice the attention that it so dearly deserves.


les said...

i'm curious of the experience which caused your musing of missed opportunities. Paint me a pic of the scene in question...more details for me.

justin said...

Conversations of various origins. Hearing about travel plans, job offers in exotic locales or just discussions of goals and such. They each played a part in my considering the subject.