Sunday, March 26, 2006


It's late, and nobody likes to start a work-week tired. But, being a man of contradictions, here I am.

What is life without imagination? I'm not talking the "what do you see in that cloud?" type of imagination. Then again, maybe I am. Sure, imagination can make you lose track of yourself and the task at hand at inopportune moments but that is important. We need to be taken "out of ourselves" every once in a while. It allows us to see things that we might otherwise have missed being too wrapped-up in our immediate circumstances. Without it, much of the beauty in the world would go unseen. I think it incredibly important because what's the point of a life where you know how it all plays out? Sure there's a level of comfort to be had with the safety of repetition. Still, seeing the unexpected (even within your everyday experience) keeps you living.

I gots to live.

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Christine K said...

I understand that our dreams and our lucid dreams (which can be simple daydreams) are a way for our unconscious to speak to us. It is very useful to spend a little time examining ones dreams and day dreams as there may well be a message in them about what we really want in our lives. Then we just have to be willing to make the changes....there is always the rub,(for me anyway). Love your musings Justin...C.K