Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Aren't we just soooo organized? + Updatedness

Do you find it annoying when you're given a "tag" to describe you? I guess if the tag was "Coolest, good-looking, smart guy in the world" I could probably handle it. Tags by their nature seem to boil things down to much more bite-sized pieces. So, funnily enough, I don't get that tag very often. I'm more likely to get "nice" or "sweet". Don't get me wrong. They're not bad, in and of themselves, just incomplete.

I'm noticing more and more that "tags" are being used to mediate our interaction with the web. Flickr, where I host photos uses a tagging system. I myself am guilty of being incomplete in my tags. Where, when, sometimes not even what. I am trying so hard to be organized that I am missing out on some of the great details of life. And what's life without the details?

Thankfully, with Flickr still as a guide there are some people that are on top of their tagging (scroll down, the tags are on the right side) with nothing very little being lost. Hopefully we can be more genuine and just a little less organized (this coming from a Virgo).

UPDATE: Funny to be looking back at this as I am labeling all of my previous posts thanks to google's new technology. Funny too that I am still being incomplete in my "tagging". It feels like fewer different tags rather than specificity with hundreds of different tags is the way to go. Maybe I am being "more genuine". :)

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