Wednesday, June 14, 2006

There... But not really there

We've all been there. You're physically there but your mind is not. Maybe for a split-second, maybe for a minute, maybe for as long as your partner is telling you something "extremely important", you were just taking up space and not taking things in. I myself have fallen victim to it (though never when being told something "extremely important" by someone who is "extremely important"). ;)

I must admit I've fallen prey to my imagination a bit of late. While I couldn't tell you for the life of me what I was thinking about, my mind has taken me on wonderful journeys which have taken me (figuratively) far away from what I should be taking in. An ongoing battle. Funny thing is, this is all happening in another context of "There... But not really there". I'm participating in a training program this week that has brought people from throughout the country and beyond. Being at home for it has some benefits but I am recognizing how I'm here, but with the added layers to my life this week, it is difficult to be "here" like usual. Not a great revelation but what I was thinking.

Wherever you are. Be there.


Michelle said...

What? You're not listening uber-intently? I developed that curriculm to be fascinating. Glad you're there. :)

justin said...

Oooops! ;) It's clearly my fault and not the curriculum. That is some fiiiiine curriculum!