Saturday, June 10, 2006

100th Postiversary

It seems like barely 6 months and 23 days since I thought I'd give this whole blogging thing a try. It turns out I had more to ramble on about than I thought. Proof: This is my 100th post. What to do for my 100th Postiversary? I could marvel at the wonders of the world. I could complain about the postively un-June weather or tell you that Kinky Boots is a cute and predictable movie. Instead, I'll explain the title of the blog "Standing in the Hall". You've waited 100 posts. I'd say you've earned it. I was looking through a book of quotes put together for me by a wonderful friend more than 10 years ago (yikes!). It was a gift as I got ready to embark on a 7-month personal odyssey in the form of a Canada World Youth exchange. An odyssey it was, for many reasons, but I'm talking about quotes. Those quotes were a valuable inspiration and my intention was to add more to the book and return it. A cyclical gift, if you will. Well, that never happened. Her loss (I'm clearly a terrible friend). The good news is: I still have it and I still add quotes. The title of the blog came from a quote who's source I don't recall but that I identified with at the time: "God never closes a door without opening another but standing in the hall can be a bitch." Though not a religious man, I enjoy the image it conjours-up. To me, it emphasizes that there is a "light at the end of the tunnel" but that it's not as simple as just setting your sights on that to help forget the bad times. It acknowledges the darkness that is an inevitable part of everyone's life rather than just being sacrine sweet. It is not as though I was deep in the darkness when I started blogging back in November but I did feel at an "in-between" point. Perhaps that's where I live my life. If I don't, so be it. I'm still keeping the name.

Now that I've got that out of the way, it's time for my 100th Postiversary party. I don't care how you celebrate, just make sure you do.


Christine Kerr said...

Have I ever told you how much I love you and how much I relish traversing the amazing landscape of your world through your blog. Thank you, you have a remarkable way with words and your honesty is inspiring. Happy 100th postiversary! I will definitely celebrate...Love you, Christine

Michelle said...

Happy 100th Postiversery! I've enjoyed all 100 of them, keep 'em coming. It's fun to know that goes on in your head.

Funny, I was counting down to my postiversery too (though I wasn't witty enough to call it that) and then it came and went without me noticing in California. Now I have to wait another hundred ... or perhaps I'll just celebrate 136 or something!

Celebration: a Fantastic mussels dinner.


Nic said...

Happy postiversary!! What a joyous occasion! Look at you....gone from skeptic to celebrator! You've grown up so much ;) I'm proud you're a blogger now! :)

justin said...

Thanks for the well-wishes! I hope the next 100 are as enjoyable (for me... maybe for you too). I also hope the mussels were tasty. Mmmm.