Saturday, June 03, 2006

Repetition, Repetition

I'm still thinking We Feel Fine is one of the coolest things on the web and I'm happy to have had the chance to share it. I couldn't help thinking when I posted about it how everything is all about repetition out here in interland. There are so many sites that collect stories and such only to bounce them out again. Enough that the site titles take on new meaning. When posts a link to a story or site causing the site's server to collapse under the weight of all the traffic some people would say it was "Farked". The "Digg Effect" is when a link ends up on and the same thing happens. Do you think sites fall to pieces when I link to them because there are so many of you reading this that their server can't handle it? Ya... sure.

So I didn't create the sites that I find. So what? Sometimes you need someone to do the dirty work for you. Find the good stuff. Separate the wheat from the chaff and all that. For that, it appears, I'm your man.

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Jim Provost said...

Hey Justin,

Clearly the effect is like something that "Just oKerr'ed" to me.